BULLIONMARK | Australian Accredited Dealer of Certified Gold and Silver.

We are Australia’s leading integrated bullion company selling internationally accredited and reponsibly sourced gold and silver from the worlds best refineries.

BULLIONMARK guarantees gold and silver weight, purity and quality based on a verified chain of integrity and custody, direct from accredited refineries to our vaults in Brisbane. No middlemen. The refinery direct model ensures our clients get the worlds best gold and silver products at the lowest cost.

In recent years accreditation and supply chain certification has included socially responsible sourcing.

BULLIONMARK is committed to working with its partners to meet and exceed the standards outlined by the LBMA to protect the integrity of the global supply chain for the wholesale precious metals markets.

Learn more LBMA Responsible Sourcing - International precious metals supply chain integrity 

Buy gold and silver from BULLIONMARK knowing all precious metals sold through the bullionmark.com.au website originate from audited responsible sources and follow a strict chain of integrity and custody from refinery to vault.

We also offer a free gold and silver bullion verification and valuation service. 

Visit us in Brisbane or call 1300 BULLION to speak with a Precious Metal Expert  or Customer Support Team. Contact Us