Buyback calculator is being upgraded. Please call 1300BULLION or contact us for live buyback prices.

BULLIONMARK buys all forms of precious metals, including bullion bars and coins, collectable coins, jewellery, mine supply and other scrap precious metal products.

As an accredited dealer of internatioanlly certified gold and silver we offer a FREE no obligation Xray Flourescence (XRF), Ultrasound and weight analysis so you can be 100% certain of your metal construct, weight and purity before you sell.

All testing is conducted in real time in full view of clients.

Bullionmark uses world leading testing technologies that are independently audited, professionally calibrated and fully transparent.

We will provide a live (no obligation) market quote based on the testing results and can settle in AUD or USD via direct bank transfer.  Cash settlements are also available.
BULLIONMARK guarantees weight, purity and buyback of all metal we sell.

To sell or test your metal call 1300BULLION or contact us.

Prices can be locked in over the phone or by email.

Metal can also be sent to us by courier or we can arrange to collect from you anywhere in Australia using a fully insured courier (costs deducted from final remittance).

Metal delivery is required within three business days of locking in an agreed buyback price. Allocated Storage accounts are adjusted immediately after locking in a price with no need to visit our store.

Loading bay access is available by prior arrangement.