Gold and Silver confiscation in Australia

Rarely do we see an Australian perspective on Gold confiscation.  Whilst legislative risks exist, I feel it is very unlikely gold will be confiscated in Australia FDR style.  It is my contention that governments will attempt (and fail) to use more sophisticated and less obvious methods such as wealth taxes, derivatives manipulation, Capital Gains Tax and price controls.[...]

8 Golden Rules

Investing in physical gold is embedded in human DNA. Gold has been traded for thousands of years and used as money at some point through all countries and all cultures. It has been central to who we are and how we got here. The irony that most people now have no idea how to buy and sell physical gold but are expert speculators on digital exchanges for shares, currencies and cryptos. The real diffenentiator for gold is that you OWN it. Other assets only give you EXPOSURE but only gives you REAL OWNERSHIP. As the old saying goes "if you cant touch it you dont own it". So as an over simplication for Gold ownership we present the 8 golden rules,[...]