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Bullion Beginner Bundle

Starter Bullion Set: Kangaroo Silver Shine & Gold Cast Bars
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BULLIONMARK is excited to offer the exclusive Bullion Beginner Bundle from the renowned Queensland Mint.

This specially curated bundle is the perfect starting point for new investors, combining the luster of silver with the prestige of gold, each featuring the Queensland Mint's signature Kangaroo motif.

Bundle Highlights:

Contains 10 x 10oz Queensland Mint Kangaroo Silver Bars with Duo Strike and Ultra Shine finish, ensuring each bar catches the eye with its brilliance and detailed design.
Accompanied by 3 x 1oz Queensland Mint Kangaroo Gold Cast Bars, offering a classic, timeless investment.
Each silver bar is crafted with 999+ Fine Silver, while the gold bars are made with 9999 Fine Gold, providing assurance of purity and quality.
The Queensland Mint's Duo Strike technique on the silver bars adds a unique dimensional aspect, while the Ultra Shine finish gives a mirror-like quality that stands out in any collection.
Gold bars are cast with precision, showcasing the natural luster and weight of solid gold.
Both silver and gold bars are stamped with the iconic Kangaroo design, a symbol of authenticity and Australian heritage.
Ideal for diversifying investment portfolios and approved for Superfund investment.

Begin your investment journey with confidence by choosing the Bullion Beginner Bundle. For more details or to secure your bundle, contact BULLIONMARK today at +61 7 3184 8400. Your trusted local Gold and Silver Dealer is here to assist you.

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